Welcome to BSCR geography wikispace.

Aims of the wiki

  • This wiki is intended to be a valuable resource for the IB Geography course, created by the BSCR geography pupils.
  • It will hopefully grow and evolve over time as new material and ideas are added.
  • It will form a part of the course as it is taught through contributions as part of homework expectations.
  • It provides a opportunity for motivated pupils to share with the other members of the class additional case studies & links they may have come across.
  • This wiki will have minimum input from your teacher - rather they will use it as an indication of pupil motivation and independent learning.
  • Material added should be your own words & not coppied from another website - if you do copy material you must reference it correctly.

Structure of the Wiki

  • Each of the units in the IB syllabus has its own page which should include: case studies, key concepts, definitions.
  • There is a glossary page that will eventually contain all the definitions that you will need for each unit.